Finally! The Best of the Holiday Minis!

OK, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I’m a horrible blogger.  I never know what to say and I’m always several months behind.  SO, in true fashion, this blog is late.  So here’s a quick recap of the Holiday Mini sessions.  I built a hot chocolate sand (with the help of my wonderful neighbors) but of course, overestimated the ease of moving it!  Let’s just say, I am super lucky to have a neighbor who owns a pickup truck (and who happened to be awake and in his yard at 6:30am when I needed to move the stand to the park!)  I had so many people that helped me this year and honestly, it would not have been possible without them.  So, I’d like to thank my husband Eric, my neighbors Fred, Charlie and Sarah, my brother-in-law Mark, and my children Darcy and Avery. My 13 year old was my lighting assistant this year, while my younger one provided the behind-the-scenes dance moves that produced the most genuine smiles 🙂  Love to all of you. 2015-02-13_00012015-02-13_00022015-02-13_00032015-02-13_00042015-02-13_00052015-02-13_00062015-02-13_00072015-02-13_00082015-02-13_00092015-02-13_0010

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