Highlights from the 2015 Mini Sessions!

2015 Holiday Mini Sessions

First of all, I’d like to point out that I’m not even finished shooting and I’m already posting highlights!  I’m on the ball this year! 🙂  I’ve had so much fun shooting the Holiday Mini Sessions for the past two weekends.  We had snow, glitter stars and most importantly, chocolates!  Thanks to all my wonderful clients.  I hope everyone has a beautiful holiday season.  xoxo – Allison 

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November 2015 Mini Session!

November MinisI really can’t believe it, but it’s that time again! This year I am doing something a little different.  I will still be shooting two different weekends of mini sessions, but one will be inside in MY NEW STUDIO SPACE!  Most of my time will be spent on the studio set so please keep in mind if you do choose the park location, it will be a very simple setup.

How to book:

In the past I have used a booking system that was a little confusing to several of my clients.  I’m trying out a new online booking tool this year so hopefully booking will be easy for you!  The biggest difference is that you cannot pay through the booking site. Once you book your session, I will email you payment information.

Please look at the dates and options below before you book your session. Make sure you are signing up for the correct day that corresponds with the type and location of the session that you want.

Book your session by clicking here: BOOK SESSION

Finally! The Best of the Holiday Minis!

OK, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I’m a horrible blogger.  I never know what to say and I’m always several months behind.  SO, in true fashion, this blog is late.  So here’s a quick recap of the Holiday Mini sessions.  I built a hot chocolate sand (with the help of my wonderful neighbors) but of course, overestimated the ease of moving it!  Let’s just say, I am super lucky to have a neighbor who owns a pickup truck (and who happened to be awake and in his yard at 6:30am when I needed to move the stand to the park!)  I had so many people that helped me this year and honestly, it would not have been possible without them.  So, I’d like to thank my husband Eric, my neighbors Fred, Charlie and Sarah, my brother-in-law Mark, and my children Darcy and Avery. My 13 year old was my lighting assistant this year, while my younger one provided the behind-the-scenes dance moves that produced the most genuine smiles 🙂  Love to all of you. 2015-02-13_00012015-02-13_00022015-02-13_00032015-02-13_00042015-02-13_00052015-02-13_00062015-02-13_00072015-02-13_00082015-02-13_00092015-02-13_0010

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Gettin’ Crafty for the Mini Sessions!

So those of you that know me know that I am NOT crafty. I mean, I try my best (I have a 6 year old), but it’s just one of those things that I don’t particularly enjoy. BUT, I just discovered sewing! I enjoy it like I enjoy yard work. I can spend a few hours on something that doesn’t look like much in the beginning, but then it transforms into something really great! Let me be clear….I have a wonderful neighbor that is helping me AND I’ve started with some very simple items. Here is a little peak at what I’ve been working on and what will be implemented into my mini session set.
Don’t forget to book your session. I will close the booking link as we closer to the date.

Dates are November 8th and November 15th at Spurlock Park, Idylwood.
The Idylwood Sessions will be themed “Hot Chocolate Stand” sessions. Warning: Your kids will be fed sugar! 🙂

November 22nd at The Last Concert Cafe (Downtown Houston)
This is an urban location, great for older children and teens.
(Below are examples from both locations)


****I have a new online booking system in place (see link below). If you are returning customer or have given me your email address, you can sign in with your email.*******

** You can click HERE to book and pay online.

Details: 20 Minute Session, $175 yields 6 digital photos of photographer’s choice.
Add on option: 25 Holiday cards for $50

Where have I been?

Well, summer is over, the kids are back to school, and I am back to (full time) work.  While I do continue to shoot over the summer, my time is so limited that I don’t have time to keep up with the blogging and the social media (someone get me a secretary…stat!)  So anyhoo, Fall is my absolute favorite time of year to shoot.  The weather is nice, the trees are beautiful and the oooh, the gorgeous light.  I’m in the process of planning my Fall mini sessions, but they will probably be three Saturdays in November (8th, 15th and 22nd).  I might add the 29th as I know families are in town for Thanksgiving and it works well to schedule photos during that time.

So for now (because they are ready and edited) I’ll post some summer vacation shots.  Not to worry, I won’t post too many!  In June, we took a girls trip to Costa Rica.  It was my mom, my daughter, age 6 and my niece, age 13.  We had so many fun adventures with the kids.  We went zip lining, horseback riding, and searched for monkeys in the jungle.  Hopefully a trip that the girls will never forget!